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About Us

Wao Trending Store was conceived by Entrepreneur and business man William Hernandez, after years of serving the local retail store market, and owning and managing several physical stores in the past.

Wao Trending Store was born with the idea of taking those years of experience in the local retail store market and take it to the online digital market instead, keeping the relationships with some of the original suppliers of his local stores.

Because of these business relationships he was able to come to the online market and offer Quality and Quantity to the rest of the World at minimum prices because of the lower business expenses. And his goal is to take the online business market to new heights and levels.

That being the main reason why we here at Wao Trending Store take each order seriously and with utmost respect abiding by high standards of the eCommerce market and ultimately build a brand.

We thank you and appreciate your trust in us to bring you the best high quality products offered in the market today.

Please feel free to use the contact form here if you have any questions or concerns we may help you with. Or, simply shoot us an email at: with your concerns.

We will be more than happy to welcome your requests and assist you A.S.A.P. within the next 24 hours after your email has reached our inbox.



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